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Writer's Block: Ready, steady, read
What is the best book you've read this year, and why?

Duh, ya mean pleasure reading?

I guess Dean Koontz's Breathless. I only read two pleasure reading books this summer. Breathless and his other one Relentless. Breathless was a little better. Actually got me thinking a bit. I like books that do that.

Of course there was also a book on Quantum Physics for the Confused...called something like that at my nerd juices flowing.

It's not that I don't read though. It's just lately I've been knee deep in stuff like Wheater's Histology and Moore's Clinically Oriented Anatomy and Purves' et all Neuroscience. Uck. I like this stuff but I wish I was going to have more than a weekend between fall and spring semesters....guess I'll have to catch up on pleasure reading next summer.


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